Supplementary & Individual Courses Online

You don't have to be a full-time student to take classes online. Edgenuity Virtual offers quality accredited online courses for high school and middle school students on an individual class basis. Taking individual high school courses through Edgenuity Virtual Academy offers the ability to study anytime, from anywhere, and at your own pace. Our curriculum is fully accredited through Cognia, so the classes you take with Edgenuity Virtual Academy will transfer throughout the United States. The courses you take at Edgenuity Virtual Academy can be used to fill in holes in your graduation requirements, and even increase your cumulative GPA. There's no minimum number of courses you are required to take, so you can take as many or as few as you'd like.

Individual High School Courses

Take individual high school classes online to supplement your regular schooling. If your high school doesn’t offer a course, try taking it from Edgenuity Virtual Academy. Please work closely with your high school guidance counselors to determine which classes you need to take, which ones will transfer, and in NCAA cases, which courses you are eligible to take.

Improve Your GPA with Supplementary Courses

Did you know that you can increase your GPA by taking classes online? The grades you receive from Edgenuity Virtual Academy can be added to the grades already on your transcript. Our admissions staff can help you decide which classes to retake and which classes are still needed.